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Walkenrieder monastery meal /Buffet

From the monks' menu - instructive and astonishing anecdotes from everyday life in the monastery

Public meals 13.10 2023 / 20.10.2023 / 27.10.2023 / 3.11.2023 / 10.11.2023 / 17.11.2023 / 24.11.2023 30.12. 2023 / anytime for your group

Organisches Gemüse

Enjoy and learn how and what was eaten in medieval monasteries and how the monks were, secretly, able to indulge in one or the other forbidden pleasure.
Several times a year there are public monastery meals that you can attend as guests.
We kindly ask you to reserve a table!
Costs: € 28 per person (excluding drinks)
You can book the medieval monastery meal exclusively for groups of 15 or more.

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